After seeing Ted’s Restaurant featured twice on the Travel Channel, once on Hamburger Paradise and again on Man vs. Food, I’ve been wanting to try one badly. All of that oozing cheese has been calling my name. For those you are unfamiliar with the method, Ted’s steams their patties and cheese in custom made cabinets of steamy goodness. They prepare the patty and cheese in separate tins and then combine them resulting in a wildly delicious looking burger.

Here’s a pic of a real Ted’s burger in all its glory.

You can’t deny how amazing that cheese looks! Whoa.

I don’t plan on heading to Connecticut any time soon and Ted’s claims they are the only restaurant to serve burgers this way so I thought why not try this using the steaming capabilities of the Ninja Cooking System.

This turned out to be a quick and easy to way to enjoy a unique tasting burger that many people haven’t tried before. I did miss the char of a grilled burger, but the cheese and moistness of the burger made up for that. While I won’t say that this is the only way I’ll eat my burgers now, I will say that it is definitely a technique I’ll use again.


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