If you’ve been read my other posts you must know that I am a big fan of the steam oven capability found in the Ninja Cooking System. To this point I’ve only tried it on pork/beef/chicken, and was really impressed with the difference it makes. One of the selling points of the Ninja is that it is also able to perform “Steam Infused Baking”. I’ve never been much of a baker, nor does it interest me as much as savory cooking, but I’ve still been on the look out for an opportunity to test it out.

I was driving around the other day and noticed a vendor selling freshly roasted New Mexico hatch green chili. Basically they have what looks like a huge barrel drum grill full of green chili that rotates over an open flame. The aroma is amazing and the chili softens while developing a nice char. They had 3 heat levels available: Medium, Hot, Extra Hot. I went for 2 bags of the medium so the kids would be able to handle it. I decided I would make chile rellenos and green chili corn bread. It dawned on me that this was my opportunity to test out the baking abilities of the Ninja. I even went a step further by baking two, one in the Ninja and one in a conventional oven so I could see if the steam really makes a difference.

Comparison Results

While the Ninja version did not produce the brown crust that you would expect from conventional oven baking, it did produce a cornbread that was much more moist. I asked everybody to try both versions and let me know which they preferred and the Ninja won every single time. I’m going to try a cake and some cupcakes as well, but it I’m sure the results will be similar. Give this recipe a shot and you’ll be amazed with the moist, cheesy, spicy goodness.

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