Beef roast and the Ninja Cooking System are a match made in heaven.  I have to admit that I was running a bit short on time so I decided to sear the roast using a regular pan despite the searing ability of the cooking system.  I find that while it is able to tackle the job, it takes a bit longer to heat up to searing temperature and I didn’t have much time to wait.

As with other “slow cook” recipes the awesome part about this is being able to do a little work up front and let it work its magic during the day while you are away.  I made this on a Sunday and was able to enjoy a nice day at the park and running errands with the kids.  Coming home to an amazing aroma and a meal waiting to be served is truly bliss.

Tip: beware, slow cookers are also easy to forget, so if you aren’t sure you will be back right on time I suggest setting it to 7 hours.  The cooking system will turn itself to its auto warm setting which will keep it warm without drying out.  

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