One of my favorite cuts of pork is the tenderloin.  Usually I would try searing this off and throwing it in the oven to finish, but the results are hit or miss.  The window of opportunity for optimal juiciness is really tight.  Sometimes I would hit it and other times I’d end up with a chewy piece of rubber.  The advantage with the Ninja Cooking System is that the moisture the system creates really does seem to widen that window considerably.  This is due to their innovative steam oven technology.

This feature works by circulating steam in the Ninja, resulting in meat that does not dry out easily.  Additionally, you are able to enhance the flavor of the meat by modifying the liquid that you use to steam it.  In this recipe I’ve gone with a very basic beef broth, but I plan to experiment with various fresh herbs, garlic, seasonings etc. to try and find the perfect flavor.

Making this was a snap.  Try this out and I promise your guests will comment on the juiciness of the meat.

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